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Construction Products Marketing, Research, & Consulting Services

In today’s construction products / materials industry, it’s no secret that business is scarce, competition is intense, and resources are lean.

Succeeding in these demanding conditions requires construction products & materials companies, now more than ever, to:

  • Understand their markets
  • Develop clear and focused marketing strategies
  • Efficiently execute those strategies

Strategic Marketing Associates is a market research & consulting firm specializing exclusively in the construction industry.

Our mission is to improve our clients’ success in the marketplace by enhancing their knowledge base, improving their strategic focus, and facilitating achievement of strategic goals.

Our approach is simple. We listen to our clients needs, seek to understand their unique circumstances, and develop customized solutions to support them.

Our Construction Products Market Research Services

  • Market Studies, Assessments, & Profiles
  • Product Assessments and Features Evaluations
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Needs Analysis
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys
  • Perception Surveys
  • Image / Brand Assessments
  • Attitude and Awareness Studies
  • Advertising Effectiveness Tracking Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Pricing Studies
  • Distribution Channel Studies
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • Trade Show Booth Surveys
  • Construction Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Our Consulting Services

  • Strategic & Market Planning
  • Market Segmentation & Target Marketing
  • Value Proposition Assessment & Development
  • Opportunity Identification & Assessment
  • Marketing Audits & Process Re-engineering
  • New Product Introduction / Launch Services
  • Strategic Communications Messaging & Development
  • Channel, Partnership, and Resource Development Services
  • Merger and Acquisition Services

Examples of Past Construction Products Market Research & Consulting Engagements

  • Market Studies & Assessments

    • Bridge repair and rehabilitation market analysis
    • Bagged concrete market analysis – demand, channel, brand preference & pricing analysis – For a wooden deck post market segment
    • Bridge market planning facilitation – For a major construction materials association
    • Cement market demand study of the midwestern states – For a regional cement manufacturer
    • Concrete reinforcing steel bar (rebar) market assessment and competitive analysis in the U. S. market
    • Controlled low strength material market study
    • Construction trends analysis & presentation – For numerous construction industry associations
    • Dowel bar retrofit market study within the DOT market segment
    • Fluid Grout Market Analysis – Crane Rail and Pile Repair market segments
    • Localized market profile for a prospective plant addition – For a diversified construction products manufacturer
    • Market assessment of granular pigment for use in the North American concrete market
    • Market assessment of polyurethane chemical injection for use in the North American coal mining industry
    • Market feasibility study and introductory partnering discussions of deck and roof system in the Florida market
    • Market Segmentation & size estimation, brand preference evaluation, selection factor & price elasticity analysis of fast setting cements & mortars
    • Metal repair compounds market study and analysis of distribution channels and competitive assessment
    • Mineral admixtures market study of silica fume, fly ash, metakaolin, slag, & proprietary supplemental cementitious materials
    • Pipe block distributor channel analysis, supplier identification, evaluation, and introductory discussions
    • Price sensitivity investigation of specialty cementitious concrete repair mortar
    • Product feasibility & positioning investigation of synthetic roofing underlayment
    • Product sales analysis – For a grout products manufacturer
    • Regional market demand study – For a specialty chemical admixture: respondents were geo-technical engineers
    • Regional market study – For an insulated precast wall panel manufacturer
    • Transportation Efficiency Act analysis – For a major cement manufacturer
    • Value proposition assessment and customer needs analysis – For an industrial actuator manufacturer
    • Waterway transportation study – For a cement manufacturer
  • Surveys

    • Buyer behavior and distribution channel study – For an industrial repair products company
    • Buying behaviors, selection factors, and brand comparison study – For a manufacturer of portable room partitions and accordion doors
    • Construction management survey to investigate the influence of construction managers on framing material selection and factors driving their material preferences
    • Highway pavement perceptions surveys with state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) – For a major construction materials trade association
    • Pricing behavior analysis – For a cement manufacturer
  • Focus Groups

    • Focus group sessions with residential painters of interior and exterior caulk product usage, features evaluation, and brand preference
    • Focus group sessions at CONEXPO–CON/AGG
    • Self-consolidating concrete product assessment held with contractors – Held at World of Concrete
    • Residential above-grade concrete usage behaviors, held with homebuilders – Held at World of Concrete
    • Masonry contractor awareness, understanding, & usage of mortar materials and identification of issues driving their behaviors – Held at World of Concrete
    • Concrete durability issues, behaviors, and mechanisms for control On behalf of the Portland Cement Association – Held at World of Concrete
    • White cement marketing issues with ready-mixed concrete producers – Held at World of Concrete
    • Technical product training for contractors – For the Portland Cement Association – Held at World of Concrete
    • Structural engineering software issues – Held at the CSI Convention (Construction Specifiers Institute)
    • Masonry product selection issues among contractors – Held at the CSI Convention (Construction Specifiers Institute)
  • Market Planning & Consultation

    • Construction project leads management services within the paving market – For a cementitious admixture company
    • Customer classification modeling and sales strategy development – For a diversified construction products manufacturer
    • Driver recruitment planning facilitation – For the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)
    • Low-rise market promotional planning facilitation – For a construction material advocacy organization
    • Market segmentation & target market development inthe low-rise structures market – For a major construction materials association
    • Market Planning & new product introduction for a manufacturer of decorative coatings
    • Market planning facilitation – For a lightweight aggregate supplier
    • Marketing audit – For a major construction materials association
    • Material Selection Process & factor analysis by construction delivery system for a manufacture of precast concrete structural and architectural panels
    • Merger and acquisition candidate profile and evaluation – For a vertically integrated construction products manufacturer
    • Opportunity identification and development engagement of proprietary mineral admixture (supplemental cementitious material)
    • Program assessment – For a newly developed wall system licensing program
    • Sales force structure evaluation & modeling – For a diversified construction products manufacturer
    • Strategic planning facilitation – For the Insulating Concrete Forms Association
    • Strategic planning facilitation – For the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)
    • Sustainable development planning facilitation – For a construction material advocacy organization

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