Construction Equipment Market Research & Consulting Services

As anyone that’s been in the construction equipment industry for any length of time knows, not only is global competition continuing to intensify, but it’s doing so at an ever-quickening pace.

Some companies will excel in this environment, some will merely survive, and others will ultimately fail.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain. The players that are able to secure their future success over the long run will have done so because they were able to deliver greater perceived value than the competition.

Toward that end, Strategic Marketing Associates is a specialized market research and consulting organization that helps heavy and construction equipment companies expand their knowledge base, establish sound strategies, and deliver “best value”.

Our Construction & Heavy Equipment Market Research Services

  • Market Studies, Assessments, & Profiles
  • Product / Equipment Assessments & Features Evaluations
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Needs Analysis
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys
  • Perception Surveys
  • Image / Brand Assessments
  • Attitude and Awareness Studies
  • Advertising Effectiveness Tracking Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Pricing Studies
  • Distribution Channel Studies
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • Trade Show Booth Surveys
  • Construction Trends Analysis & Forecasting
  • Construction Equipment Sales Monitoring & Tracking

Our Consulting Services

  • Strategic & Market Planning
  • Market Segmentation & Target Marketing
  • Value Proposition Assessment & Development
  • Opportunity Identification & Assessment
  • Marketing Audits & Process Re-engineering
  • New Product Introduction / Launch Services
  • Strategic Communications Messaging & Development
  • Channel, Partnership, & Resource Development Services
  • Merger & Acquisition Services

Examples of Past Construction Equipment Market Research Engagements

  • Market Studies & Assessments
    • Advertising effectiveness tracking study – For a manufacturer of concrete hammers and breakers
    • Buyer behavior study – For a heavy utility equipment manufacturer
    • Channel analysis and ownership behaviors investigation – For a concrete mixer truck manufacturer
    • Construction trend analysis & forecast – For a manufacturer of laser screeds
    • Dealer / contractor pricing study – For a concrete finishing equipment manufacturer
    • Global temperature change analysis & forecast investigation – For an international heavy construction equipment manufacturer
    • Market demand analysis and competitive overview – For concrete cutting saw & blade manufacturer
    • Market study – For a concrete batch plant manufacturer
    • Ownership usage and behavior tracking study – For use of safety equipment in the heavy and road construction markets
    • Russian market analysis – For an international manufacturer of heavy mining equipment
  • Surveys
    • Attitude & awareness survey – For a manufacturer of paving equipment
    • Customer satisfaction survey – For a spatial information systems product manufacturer
    • Product features evaluation investigation – For a manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete mixer trucks
    • Quantitative telephone survey investigation on owner behaviors, purchasing process, selection factors, preferences, & trade-offs – For a truck body manufacturer
    • Value proposition development & assessment survey – For a mining truck manufacturer
    • Voice of the customer study – For a manufacturer of excavators
    • Voice of the customer survey – For a manufacturer of heavy reclaimer / stabilizer equipment for the paving market.
    • Voice of the customer survey – For a manufacturer of paving equipment
    • Voice of the customer survey of the North American and Australian markets – For a manufacturer of mining excavators
  • Focus Group
    • Product features comparisons and evaluations – For a manufacturer of medium sized dump truck bodies
    • Personal protective equipment safety policies, trends, behaviors, & brand awareness – For a safety equipment supplier
    • Structural engineering software buying considerations and brand preferences – For a construction industry association
    • Truck engine brand preferences, considerations and factors – For a construction equipment manufacturer
  • Market Planning & Consultation
    • Brand assessment and features evaluation study – For a rotary drill manufacturer
    • Brand image & assessment investigation – For diversified equipment / engine manufacturer
    • Brand selection and ownership behaviors investigation – For a power drill manufacturer
    • Competitive analysis – For a supplier of water repellent admixtures
    • Image assessment, attitude, & awareness investigation – For a manufacturer of asphalt pavement milling equipment
    • Heavy mining equipment auction sale monitoring & reporting – For a diversified manufacturer of heavy equipment for the mining industry