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Construction Industry Marketing, Research, & Consulting

Founded in 1997, Strategic Marketing Associates is a strategic marketing consultancy specializing in the construction industry.

Our Mission

To improve our clients’ success in the marketplace by improving their strategic focus, enhancing their knowledge base, and facilitating achievement of strategic goals.

Our Core Competence

Our ability to deliver industry specific marketing counsel, direction, and support to construction industry organizations by bundling the following skills, experiences, and relationships:

  • Expertise in designing and facilitating strategic and market planning processes.
  • Expertise in designing and executing applied market research within the construction industry.
  • Intimate knowledge of construction industry markets, processes, products and players.
  • Extensive databases of construction industry contractors, producers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, trade associations and influencers.
  • Strategic relationships with global construction information suppliers & complementary industry consultants.

Our Service Offerings

The Markets We Serve

We focus our efforts in five key target markets based on our ability to provide added value to entities within those markets, and based on the popularity of demand for our services within those markets. They include:

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